A collection of some of the lovely things people are saying about Agent Elect …


Nessrine Salah, Partner – Strategic Partners Middle East

I mainly use Agent Elect for my personal flight bookings as well as those of our clients.  I’ve also used their services to issue a visa to Europe.

Everyone is always very helpful and willing to assist.  What particularly stands out is everyone’s pleasant and friendly approach to customer service and I would use Agent Elect for many reasons including the proximity of their offices; the fact that I know the staff and owners; and also from a work perspective, it’s much easier to refer Agent Elect as a tried and trusted partner.   I have already recommended their services to others.


Melissa Frost – UAE Resident

I have used Agent Elect to organise Marhaba services and also a yacht booking for a birthday party.  The service experience is very professional and when we had a few issues regarding the yacht booking, Agent Elect went beyond the call of duty to assist.   They offer great personal service and there is always more of a guarantee that their recommendations will be excellent whilst online is a bit of a shot in the dark and impersonal.  I will continue to use their services and have already recommended them to others.


Phil Bedford, Managing Director – The Referral Institute

I have used the services of Agent Elect to arrange flights for both business and personal travel.  What has stood out to me is their passion to do things right and the fact that they follow-up.  I will be using them again as I prefer the one-to-one service rather than booking online.


Deborah Whitehead, Director of Education – The Salon Educators

The services that have been provided to me by Agent Elect are flight and holiday bookings, both for the business and personal.  The service experience has always been excellent, prompt and efficient and I recommend them to everyone – I have to say, the speed of service is what really stands out.  Keep up the good work!


Helen Ekendahl, Director –  J Lindberg International

We have used Agent Elect to organise international flights and so far have been very happy with the service.  Staff are both efficient and friendly and their great customer service particularly stands out and I would most definitely recommend them.  As a small company, cost saving is key for us and occasionally we do still book online too, but sometimes we also need flexibility and Agent Elect offer this.


Shiraz Sethi, Lawyer Associate – BSA

I first came to hear of Agent Elect when I had to apply for a tourist visa for one of my relatives.  Since that point they have arranged tourist visas, business trips and also my Honeymoon.  I find the service to be excellent, always fast giving the information requested and offering good prices and what I like the most is the fast response and personalised service I get every time that I deal with them – I have recommended Agent Elect to people I know.  As I am very busy, I need someone that can take care of my travel arrangements, and so far Agent Elect has done a great job being of assistance and providing good rates when I had to travel.

I would just like to say – keep up the good work; maintain the service standards because what you are doing now, you are doing it right and that is what distinguishes you from other travel services providers.


Florencia Sparks – UAE Resident

I first heard of Agent Elect when I arrived in Dubai from the US.  They have arranged two trips for my family and I, one to China and one to Greece.  They have also helped with tourist visas for members of my family coming into Dubai.  I have found the service to be efficient and they have treated me like family and I love that!  I will continue to use Agent Elect and most definitely recommend them to my friends.  I really like to be helped by the personal experience and advice of Agent Elect instead of booking my trips online and my whole experience using their services has been very rewarding in terms of time, efficiency and personal help.


Ghada Sindi –UAE  Resident

I initially heard about Agent Elect through a Marhaba services worker and since, I have used them for both UAE Tourist Visas and hotel bookings.

I have been really satisfied by the quality of customer service, the employees have been great and fast in assisting me with visa applications and hotel bookings – I was especially impressed by the prompt replies and fast support I got.  Their services are very convenient and easy for me;  I could just sit home and send my applications or requests via email and get it delivered to me.  Also the payment methods are good as  I could do bank transfers without having to go and pay cash.

I will definitely use Agent Elect again; I was provided with all the services I asked for, and the employees are really helpful.