Great Hotel Service

40920Definitely  service makes the difference in Luxury Travel between a nice hotel and an exceptional hotel.

  • One-on-one hotel service starts at the top and sets the tone for the entire hotel, with a General Manager available and in permanent contact with guests.
  • Hospitality Personality.  Managers and front line staff with emotional intelligence.  People that think things through, with a sense of priority, attention to detail, practicality, efficiency and are always kind and gracious.
  • Fast In & Out.  Check in should be personalised, quick, genuinely friendly, and thorough.  From the valet, doorman, bellman and clerk they should be happy to take care of their  guests.  Check out needs to be convenient and easy and quick as possible.
  • Good to know, bad to broadcast.  Guests need to be addressed properly but discreetly, no one else need know their names.
  • Masters of information.  A fine hotel’s employee should be able to tell a guest where everything is situated within the hotel as well as having a very good knowledge of the hotel’s surroundings and how to get around.