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Herbs From The Mountains, Stories From The Locals

We all know how beautiful the Greek Islands are but have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the real Greece?

Imagine staying in a little whitewashed fishing village where life really does takes on a much slower and relaxed pace.  Spend your days getting to know the locals, listening to their stories.  Learn to cook traditional Greek cuisine, gather your herbs from the mountains, pick and prepare your own vine leaves, soak up the atmosphere, aromatic smells and flavours.  Hire a scooter and explore wineries, tiny tucked away tavernas and the true culture and hospitality of the Greek people.

Escape The Rat Race Through The Eye Of A Lens

The hustle and bustle of everyday living, the rat race, rushing from one meeting to another, deadlines to meet, noise, pollution and exhaustion!  How often do we think, is it really all worth it?  How lovely it would be to simplify our lives, get away from it all, get back to basics and have time to appreciate the simpler things in life.

What about packing your walking boots and camera and escaping to the tranquility of silence and scenery.  Spend your days discovering and exploring the untouched and diverse landscape of rural Spain, the fauna and flora, the wildlife.  Get in touch with the creative you, learn how to capture nature at its best through the eye of a lens.  Pack a simple Spanish picnic lunch and marvel how delicious it tastes and how idyllic life is as you sit and take in the vista of pine scented surroundings.

Mystical Morocco

What about combining the rush of  adrenalin pumping watersports with a touch of Moorish history and culture?

Imagine staying  in a  historical 18th century  Riad but every morning being close enough to walk to the sea and spend your days kitesurifing.  In the evenings  explore the labyrinth of back  streets, the vibrant colours and aromatic  fragrance of the spice souks.   Dine under the stars, watch glorious golden sunsets from rooftop terraces.

Do what the locals do, indulge in a Hammam then sit and watch the world go by with a glass of traditional mint tea whilst  breathing in all that is mystical and magical about Morocco.