Consulting  Services

Sometimes  you may require services which are more consulting, researching or advisory in their nature.  For example, you  booked a family holiday to Chile months ago, but not through Agent Elect.  Your are due to travel in 10 days time and have decided that you would like to arrange a private English speaking guide to accompany you throughout your stay.  You would also love to visit a typical Chilean village, share a traditional meal with a local family and not forgetting of course, have  a list of fun places to take the children.   You really don’t know where to start looking and you are now short of time.

If you are visiting  the UAE from overseas,  we can also advise as well as assist in organising your time here to ensure it is  tailor-made to your specific requirements – we don’t do ‘run of the mill’.  We want you to leave Dubai having had a fabulous time, discovering and experiencing things you didn’t even know existed!

Whatever your enquiry may be,  the emphasis is on being able to rely on  somebody who has the expertise knowledge, experience and network of connections  to get the job done in a professional manner,  ultimately saving you valuable time and unnecessary frustration.

For further details of our complete range of consulting services and packages,  or to discuss how we may help you, please ‘contact us’.