Great Escapes

We pride ourselves on tailoring an itinerary to fit perfectly with your lifestyle and requirements.  We understand only too well what may constitute as a ’fabulous holiday’ for one, does not necessarily do so for another.  It’s very personal and it’s this diversity which makes our job so interesting!  So, whether you want to go whale watching in Alaska or island hopping in Greece, our objective is to make your holiday as individual as you are and for you to really enjoy your great escape.  Don’t be surprised if we ask you lots of questions, after all the details are what make all the difference between ‘just’ a holiday and  an ‘Agent Elect’ holiday!

Take a look at ‘Offers & Ideas’ for some further inspiration or if you plan to travel with family, ‘Family Travel’.  ‘Contact us’, or alternatively,  we would be delighted to welcome you to the Agent Elect office where you can meet personally with the team.